Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oh How I Love COMC

Because I prefer to buy singles instead of boxes one of my favorite deals is COMC’s Black Friday sale. In addition to the sales being offered for individual cards they also give free shipping and they toss in a scratch card for each 20 cards included in the shipment.
I usually will put some money on to my COMC account from time to time so I can pick up cards throughout the year and then I wait for the Black Friday sale to request shipment. This year was a little different because I ordered a number of Rodney Hampton cards for a trade with Sport Card Collectors so my order was a bit less than what I have ordered over the last couple of years.
I just got the box from COMC and my order was 235 cards so I got 12 scratch cards. One Griffey card didn’t make it in to the box before shipping so I contacted COMC and they found it still in the warehouse so they shipped it this morning. I didn’t have much luck with the scratchers, ending with two cards giving free $3.99 shipping and that is it. But when you consider how much of a discount I got on many of these cards the scratchers where just icing on the delicious cake.
It will take a number of days to organize and scan the cards in so I will be covering my pickups next week.


  1. It's always exciting to get a box from COMC. The first twenty minutes are awesome... as I flip through the cards and see what I picked up. But then it takes a dark turn, because I'm not the biggest fan of scanning cards. By the way... I totally lucked out on one of my scratchers... and got $50 to spend. Plus there was a free $3something shipping credit. Haven't decided if I'm gonna go big and buy one card... or pick up a bunch of small stuff.

  2. I too love's become my favorite place to buy cards. I even decided to sell some on there, after 27 years in the hobby of being a hardline no-selling collector. Sold 44 of the 100 I sent, and plan to send more next year. That's a ton of cards you got. I only got about 68 in my order, but I was able to get something like 8 blog posts out of them. Only two of which I've actually gotten posted. I also got two comics, first time I'd gotten any from them. I came up blank on all three of my scratchers.

  3. I appreciated those Hamptons :) Hope we can do that again!

  4. I think I bought six cards from COMC this Black Friday. I got one scratch card, and it won me $5.00.