Monday, December 12, 2016

Some Halloween Christmas Cards?

One of my favorite holiday films is actually a double genre film fitting in both Halloween and Christmas, a wonderful and loveable animated Tim Burton film that came out in October 1993, Nightmare Before Christmas.
But as beloved as the film is, it remains a cult film and therefore has just a small footprint in the cardboard world. In 1993 Skybox released a small set in conjunction with the movie release. It is a basic set but it did include a cool insert called Spectra, which is kind of a foil with a texture type coating.
In 2001 NECA released both a base set and a TCG set. The base set had inserts like cel cards and autographs, which includes signatures from Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, and America’s favorite mother Catherine O’Hara. A couple of years later Disney released a couple of different Disney Treasure sets which also included cel cards.
My most recent Nightmare Before Christmas pick up is this Glenn Shadix autograph, he voiced the mayor of Halloween Town. Shadix got his big start in another Tim Burton film when he played Otho in Beetljuice opposite of Catherine O’Hara. Towards the end of his life he did a lot of voice work for animated shows, movies and video games. I have been on a hunt for Chris Saranndon autograph from the set, he did the voice for Jack Skellington, but they are not very common and the only one that I have seen recently is one that has the end of the autograph smudged and I will not pay what the seller is asking for a card I consider damaged.

Another card in my Nightmare Before Christmas collection is one of the film cel cards from 2004 Disney Treasures.

Here is a better view of the cels, which are sequential. I know it is difficult to get a perfect view of a cel so I pulled up the scene in the movie where this takes place. It is when Sally is in the tower and singing “Sally’s Song”, while singing she picks up the black cat which then turns to jump out of her arms.


  1. I have always been a fan of the film cell cards. I have the fantasia one from that set.

    I have only seen Nightmare a few times but it was a good movie.

  2. What's this? What's this?

    A Nightmare Before Christmas post! That is something I hadn't even thought of looking for in a card set. Good luck finding the rest of the autos.

  3. This might be the year... I actually buckle down and watch the movie. Even w/o seeing it... I can still appreciate that film cell card.

    1. It is a wonderful movie, Tim Burton was hitting on all cylinders when he made this one.