Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Once A Gamer Always A Gamer

Today is just a two card fun post. If you are a pretty regular gamer and have been playing since for over a decade you probably know the name Leeroy Jenkins.
In 2005 a video came out from a World of Warcraft clan who was recording game play while they were getting ready to start a quest and one player was AFK (away from keyboard) and drinking. When Ben Schultz came back to the computer he decided to rush the dungeon while screaming his character’s name “Leeeeeroy Jenkinnnnnns!”.
After the video became so popular the reference became part of pop culture and Blizzard included two Leeroy Jenkins cards in their World of Warcraft TCG. The cards are essentially the same with the only difference being the layout design. I did end up buying both versions for some unknown reason, I never played World of Warcraft or the TCG but I just had to have them.


  1. So that's what that comes from... I always wondered, but never took a minute to research it. Anyway, I learned something today. Pretty cool to see that Blizzard capitalized on that pop culture exposure.

  2. I've never played, either, but that video is hilarious. Love it!

  3. Never seen or heard of this story until now. Awesome way to kick off my day. Thanks for sharing.