Friday, December 2, 2016

A Senseless Murder

Yesterday former NY Jet RB Joe McKnight was shot and killed following a case of road rage in New Orleans. Around 2:45 pm Thursday afternoon a witness saw McKnight and another man, later identified as 54-year old Ronald Gasser, arguing in an intersection. McKnight was seen apologizing for the incident when Gasser pulled out his gun and fired multiple shots in to McKnight at close range. Then for some reason the shooter felt it was necessary to stand over McKnight’s body, still screaming and firing one more round.
This is a completely senseless crime; at no point does one person need to shoot another person over an accident. Sadly, just 8 months ago New Orleans Saints DE was shot and killed in a similar situation in New Orleans. Smith’s murderer Cardell Hayes is set to go on trial next week for Second Degree Murder.

*EDIT: It has now been reported that Mr. Gasser was still in his card when he fired at McKnight and has been released without being charged yet.


  1. From what I read... I was wondering if maybe McKnight was heading over to Mr. Gasser's car and Gasser felt his life was threatened. Whatever happened... it's a truly sad story.