Friday, December 9, 2016

The Corrected Error I May Never Own, Even Though I Already Kinda Do

This year Topps had two errors with their Topps Now releases, the first being card #264 John/Jose Harrison error which eventually led to a lawsuit being filed against Topps after they corrected the error in the artwork prior to printing the card and sending out the corrected Josh Harrison cards to buyers.
The second error was a mix up with cards #474 and #483 where Mookie Betts and Nomar Carciaparra appeared on the front of both cards instead of Carlos Correa and Alex Rodriguez on card #474. They didn’t say why but Topps decided to ship the error card #474 with the wrong image, my guess is based on the previous lawsuit and they wanted to ensure the cards got out in a timely manner.
But it now appears that Topps has gone back and printed card #264 with the name John Harrison and card #474 with Carolos Correa and Alex Rodriguez on the front and they are sending them out to buyers. I am not sure of this process and how the shipments are working but there are currently two #264 John Harrison error cards and they are priced at $100 and $5,000. There are three of the corrected versions of card #474 Carlos Correa/Alex Rodriguez and they are priced at $225, $300 and $300. There are no sales of either of these re-printed cards.
I did purchase the card through a seller on eBay as a pre-sell so I may be out of luck getting the corrected card for my Mariners collection but I did send an email to the seller and explained things so hopefully he will be willing to send on the card to me.