Friday, December 30, 2016

The Top Griffey Pickups Of 2016

This year I decided to split my favorite Griffey 2016 pickups from the other cards because it really would be too difficult to try and combine all of the cards and come up with only a Top 10 list.

This year was a big year for my Griffey collection, I entered 2016 with 552 unique Griffey cards and I am currently at 1,255 unique cards, an increase of 703 total cards. I would like to thank the fellow collectors and bloggers who have helped me with my endeavor.

Because it is so difficult to pick out one Griffey card over another as which are my favorites I will instead just post them in release order.

1.      1987 Bellingham Mariners Team Issue

2.      1988 Best San Bernardino Spirit Team Issue

3.      1991 Topps w/ Jim Arnold NFL Back Error

4.      2001 Topps Employee Exclusives

5.      Upper Deck Authentics Reverse Negative Image

6.      2003 Topps Kanebo Japan issue

7.      2005 Upper Deck Reflections Dual Signature Sr/Jr

8.      2006 Konami base and Konami foil parallel Japan issue

9.      2010 Sega CardGen Japan issue

10.  2013 Topps mini Game-Used White Sox relic

Honorable Mention:

This 2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection relic is my first birthday card. I got it very cheap because of the border chipping along the left side.


  1. At one time I was contemplating picking up the Kanebo set, but I had interest elsewhere at the time. Those are some pretty cool cards!

  2. I love the Japanese cards. I have been trying to find a few of the Kanebo cards from the early 2000s of US players, but also find some of the Japanese releases with former US players. Very cool cards.

    1. I also picked up the 2002 Topps Kanebo Ichiro around the same time.