Thursday, December 15, 2016

This Would Be A Bum Pull

I came across an interesting autograph signature when I was checking out some autograph cards, I do not own any of these card. Jimmi Simpson is one of those actors where you recognize his face and he is in a number of top shows but he isn’t an A-List actor.
Just a couple of shows and movies he has under his IMDB belt; 24, My Name Is Earl, Late Show With David Letterman, Party Down, Date Night, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, It’s Always Sunny, House of Cards and HBO’s latest hit Westworld. This guy absolutely knows when to sign a contract, he may not have the biggest parts but he is successful in what he does.
So back to his autograph… He appeared in four episodes of the indie-show Psych as the character Mary Lightly which earned him an autograph card in the 2015 Cryptozoic Psych Season 5-8 release along other guest stars like Mekhi Phifer, Malcolm McDowell, Anthony Anderson and Val Kilmer. Now Cryptozoic may be not was well known with sports only collectors but they do some wonderful releases and this set was no different and the autograph cards are pretty obvious where to sign but Simpson marches to his own drum and signed over his face.
If I were a Jimmi Simpsons fan I would be disappointed with these cards. I have seen Wil Wheaton and Mark Hammill deface their autograph cards by adding little drawings or adding horns on their heads but signing in a way that covers the face would suck. From what I have seen all of his Psych cards are signed in a similar way.


  1. It always bothers me when an athlete (or entertainer) fails to sign their autograph in the designated autograph spot. I dont know if he was trying to be clever, self-deprecating or rebellious, but it's not fun to pull a defaced card like this, no matter who it is.

  2. Normally this would bother me, but he's a weird guy, so I think it's kinda cool. Might have to pick one up myself, in fact! Loved his appearances on Letterman, and he's great/creepy on Always Sunny. And while I know him best as a comedic actor, I thought he was impressive on Westworld.

  3. Psych was so criminally underrated...

    Very peculiar signing choice though. I wonder if he was annoyed with Cryptozoic?

  4. Also in Hap and Leonard and he was fantastic in it.

  5. I need this card for my set still. It kinda bothers me the way it's signed, but kinda unique for my set. Either way I gotta add it