Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meanderings About Non-Sports Card

Sometimes I will have a subject just rattle around in my head for a few days and I can not get it out. Recently my thoughts have been centered around non-sports cards. I figured if I wrote something up maybe I can clear my mind and move on. The George Burns coat relic and the James Cagney coat relic are probablty my favorite two pulls.

I am a fan of non-sports card, not in all cases and not when used as inserts in sports sets but in many cases a non-sports set can be interesting. Non-sports sets have been around since even before baseball cards. Interested? Do a search and you will find sets like the 1880 N150 Gail & Ax Actor/Actresses set, the 1886 N16 Native American set or the 1887 N3 Allen & Ginters Arms of All Nations set. These cards are amazing considering the time period, people did not travel much and these cards allowed someone to get a look at something “unusual” to them. One of my favorite sets of all time is the 1938 Horrors of War series, an awesomely illustrated set created by Gum, Inc., that showed the literal horrors of war focusing on the invasion of China, the Spanish Civil War, Germany and Italy in the prelude of World War II. Some of these cards, specifically the ones related to Hitler, can demand hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

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  1. That Burns card is schweet!! I love that guy!
    well, that's all I have, "Say goodnight, Gracie!"