Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sports Card Uncensored Contest Time

Gellman from Sports Cards Uncensored is running a contest with a box of Topps Five Star Football as the prize. The question he asks is to tell about our favorite Topps football card.

Without even thinking about it I can tell you that my favorite Topps football card above all is my 1987 Topps Doug Flutie, card #45. There are a number of reasons why this stands amongst my favorites; I have liked the guy since his USFL days, the 1987 Topps football set was the first set I ever completed, this card is Flutie’s RC and the main reason I like him is because he was the underdog. He was not supposed to be a star, he was not supposed to really even be playing professional football but he proved everyone wrong over a very long, 20 years, career. His determination and resourcefulness more than made up for his size.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I have this card and didn't know it was his rookie. The year of this card also has Micheal Perry and Ricahrd Dents rookie.