Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Quick Peek At 2012-13 Select Basketball

We are starting to get more of an idea of what we can expect from 2012-13 Select Basketball, which Panini is set to release in March. Each $140 box contains 14 packs (6 cards per pack) broken up between two 7 pack mini-boxes.

Box Break:
4 Autographs
4 Prizm Parallels
6 inserts

This is actually a pretty decent sized set; the base set alone consists of a 325-card checklist, which includes 100 rookie autographs and 75 rookie auto-memorabilia cards. There are three parallels; Prizm, Gold Prizm (#/25) and Black Prizm (1/1). There are five different insert sets; Hall Selections, All-NBA Selections, In Flight Selections, Hot Stars and White Hot Stars.

As I have said before, many of Panini’s sets are polarizing. Because they are so varied you may like one product but not the next and you may like one insert but be revolted by another insert in the same release. This set follows that tradition.

I actually like the autographed rookie cards design, a nice action shot with the player front and center, nice use of team colors and an on-card autograph but the auto-relic version is not pleasing to me, the player is shifted over so the swatch can be added. I do not understand why the relic had to be added. If they wanted to have relic version than make one auto version and one relic version, don’t force a relic in to a card designed for an autograph.
 Another thing that Panini does is they try to design a set so it encompasses as much as possible to interest as many different collectors as possible. Just look at the insert checklist, there is nothing consistent that would lead you to believe they were ever pulled from the same box, outside of the “Select” logo. The Kobe Hot Stars card actually brings me back to Fleer inserts from the 1990s.

I think I would get a kick out of busting a box of Select Basketball but there is no way that I would drop $140 for a box.

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