Thursday, January 31, 2013

Turkey Red Baseball Is Back!

Topps is reviving the Turkey Red baseball brand, which was last released as a stand-alone product in 2007, and will make it available as an online only release that can be purchased through the Topps Online Store.
Over the past couple of years Topps has had success with their online exclusives but those were baseball staples like Topps Mini, Heritage High Numbers and the glossy version of Allen & Ginters, Turkey Red may be a different tale because it is a fringe product that caters to specific types of collectors, similar to the disaster that was 2011 Topps Magic football.
It will be released in mid-February and each box will contain 11 cards, which includes an autograph. According to a Topps rep more information will be announced shortly. This image that they posted is only a digital mockup of the box so I am guessing that the final packaging will look similar, but designed properly.

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