Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Return Of The Kings... Uh Sonics...

I know, another commentary, but this could be big news.

Some friends in Seattle, a couple of them have a connection to the sports world/reporting, are talking about a possible homecoming of sorts for the Sonics and rumor is that Chris Hansen, one of the investors helping to build an NBA/NHL arena in downtown Seattle, is finalizing a deal with the Maloof brothers to purchase the Sacramento Kings and move them to Seattle as the Seattle Supersonics.

Now this is coming from friends so I do not know if this is truth, rumor, speculation or pure hope but when looking in to the story it is true that Chris Hansen has approached the Maloofs to talk about a potential sale and Yahoo Sports is reporting that the team could be in Seattle for the 2013-14 NBA season where they will play in the Key Arena until the new NBA/NHL arena is completed.

I lived in Seattle during the Clay Bennett high jacking so I know what it is like to see a team leave and I feel for Sacramento fans. There is a slight difference here, Bennett came to town under the guise that he was keeping the team in Seattle and that he only moved because an arena deal could not be agreed upon. Which was proven false when his business emails were released showing his initial intent when he made the offer was to “Get out of town as soon as possible” whereas Hansen is making the offer with the understanding that the team will be moved to Seattle. 

I want the Sonics to return to Seattle but I was hoping it would be an expansion team (or a repurchase of the old Sonics and brought back), I didn’t want to see another city go through what we went through.

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  1. Here in Sacramento, we used to revel in our reputation for supporting the Kings, even as bad as they were. At some point we became disillusioned with ownership, and now we don't really support the team. The ongoing political wranglings to get a new arena built and the Magoofs' inability to show a willingness to be here in the first place have left a team in limbo. If the Kings do move (which I fully expect), it won't really be as big a deal as it should be. Sad really.