Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Panini's Super Bowl Black Box Promotion

Building on the Super Bowl energy Panini has created a special autograph set to help celebrate Super Bowl XLVII. When you purchase any 2012 Panini NFL box (Hobby or Retail) with a MSRP of $60 or more from Panini’s online store you will receive a limited edition Super Bowl XLVII Black Box that contains one randomly selected Super Bowl related autograph card.
There are three different autograph sets and they are all limited to #/25 or less including a couple of 1/1 cards. Unfortunately all autographs are stickers. The checklist is pretty solid, consisting of players who played in the Super Bowl plus a handful of 2012 rookies.
Currently there are only 7 different products still available on Panini’s online store, 5 hobby boxes and 2 retail boxes.
Private Signings:
This is the main insert set, the 34 card checklist is made up mostly of offensive players; QBs, RBs, and WRs, with a couple of defensive players; DL and DBs, tossed in for variety.
 I kind of like the design, very simple with focus on the player (without their helmet) and the autograph. This design would have been ideal for on-card signatures.

Diamond MVP:
This 3 card set focuses on three Super Bowl MVP Quarterbacks that have a New Orleans connection; Peyton and Eli Manning and Drew Brees. The cards are all 1/1 and include a sticker autograph and an authentic diamond (chip).
The design reminds me of the earlier Upper Deck Ultimate sets but for some reason I do not like these, maybe because the sticker autograph is placed across the player’s midsection. When dealing with 1/1 autographs, they really should be on-card signatures.

Rookie Relics:
This 8 card checklist focuses on the stand out rookies and includes a jersey relic, I am not sure if they are game used or from the Rookie Premier. The checklist is made up of Andrew Luck, RG3, Russell Wilson, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, Ryan Tennehill and Justin Blackmon
I cannot argue with this design, it is better than many relic inserts that we have seen recently from Panini and they keep the elements the focus; player (action shot), relic and autograph. They are spaced well and the design flows so I guess we could call this one a win for the Panini designers. Again the autographs are stickers and you would think that with only an 8 card checklist and the cards all #/25 or less that they would have used a patch, or at least a multi-colored swatch, for the relic.


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