Monday, June 22, 2015

A Pricing Option

Recently I received an email from a collector regarding his card pricing web site. After spending time on the site and talking with him through email I decided that I wanted to do a write up to show support for him.

Tom is from across the pond and began his web site Price Guide Cards last year to deliver up-to-date accurate pricing for football (soccer) cards but is now looking to expand his site to offer pricing for American sports cards for baseball, basketball and football.  He has built his own script using his background in Econometrics and Statistics to update pricing based on online sales, from my experience it seems to be similar to how Zistle determines their pricing but is updated more often.

The site is still rather new, roughly 9 months, so there are some growing pains and US sports cards are only now slowly being added so it will take time to build up a solid database but I have done a number of random searches and the prices are rather spot-on even including two of my recent high-end 2014 Prizm World Cup card sales. In addition to individual card prices the site includes a section for breaking down a box break where you can figure out the average “Return of Investment” based on a specific product and the price you paid. Again, this feature is still in the building phase so is limited to more recent and popular football (soccer) releases but it will expand over time.

I have not been paid in any way, this is an honest review of a pricing web site that I feel can help the hobby. Plus any person that can develop a web site that collects current data and can give an accurate price range for cards has a huge step up over a certain sports card magazine entity that has a strangle hold using illusionary prices.

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