Friday, June 5, 2015

A Set Worthy Of Including Danny Trejo

I am a Danny Trejo fan and I love Machete. Trejo is not a classical trained actor, he comes from the streets and the parts he plays are created specifically for him in mind. He isn’t the best actor in the world and his movies are not Top 100 films but in a world where it seems like every “Blockbuster” movie is either a sequel or reboot it is refreshing to watch Trejo jump out of a window using someone’s intestines as a rope.

I have been hunting for the 67-card Machete trading card set but most were priced $30 or more and I felt that was a bit outside of what I wanted to spend. One dealer had sets at $29.99 and I made a $20 offer and he declined my offer, only to drop it to $20.99 a week later. A couple of weeks later he dropped to $19.99 and I held up buying it because I was being thick headed about him declining my offer when he changed it within days. Anyway, he finally dropped the price to $16.99 with free shipping and I finally clicked the BIN button.

The set comes in a matchbox style packaging with a inner box that slides out. Inside the inner pack the cards are wrapped in a black sleeve. The back of the box includes the serial number, mine is #166/300

The first 50 cards make up scenes of the movie beginning in order at card #1 with the card backs describing the scene. Cards 51-66 are the character cards and the backs make up a 3x5 puzzle. The final card is a checklist and there is a Shé poster sticker.

On to the cards:
The good guys; Machete, Agent Sartana, Luz (also known as Shé), Padre and the Avellan twins as Nurse Mona and Nurse Lisa

Lindsay Lohan plays a character that switches roles as the movie progresses, beginning as the crack head (I know, a real stretch) April Booth but redeems herself as Sister April at the end of the movie.
The bad guys: Torrez, Booth, Von, Senator McLaughlin, Osiris and henchman (Surprisingly he has a large role in the movie)

The backs of cards 51-66 make up the Machete “Sandwich” scene with April and June
Checklist and Shé poster sticker


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  1. Very cool. I still need to check out this flick.