Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Heat Is Nobodies Friend

Today I am taking a moment for a PSA about living in Arizona.

Everyone knows that summer months in the Valley get hot, we have been hitting in the 108-112 degrees lately and it isn't even the hottest part of the summer. I have lived in Arizona more than half my life so I can deal with the heat, though these hot days do make me wish I was back in Seattle. But every so often you do something where you don’t think and the heat burns you literally.

Today I got a flat tire and while I was changing it I laid the tire wrench down on the ground and when I picked it up I got a nasty surprise. It was 110 degrees today and a solid black metal tire wrench sucks up heat quite quickly. Here is what a tire wrench burn looks on my left hand.

Not satisfied with one burn when I was sliding the jack under my Tahoe I set my right hand on the ground. This is what a burn on my fingers and right hand look like. Four fingers and the upper part of my palm were all burned, the dark red spots are blisters making this one a second degree burn (four blisters on three fingers). This from setting my hand on the pavement for a matter of seconds. The heat dried my skin so quickly it wasn’t funny, though really none of this was funny... at least not yet until the burns heal.


  1. Good Lord. I keep a pair of gloves in my trunk just for tire changes, but it's for a wussy reason: to keep my hands clean. You guys in AZ need them to avoid injury.

    1. gloves hell!! I'd use freakin OVEN MITTS!!!
      hope you heal quickly!!

  2. Been there man! Hope it's a quick recovery! At least we are getting a little relief now with the rain.