Monday, June 29, 2015

The A-Rod Reverse Negative Card Sold

Back in May I posted up my 2011 Topps Heritage Alex Rodriguez Reverse Negative SSP #490 on eBay for a slightly insane $150 BIN/OBO price. I received a low ball offer of $30 but no other interest outside of a group of watchers so when the 30-day listing ended I dropped it to $125 BIN/OBO and last week I dropped it to $115 and figured that if I had no interest when the second 30-day listing ended I would put it back in to my binder and consider re-listing if/when A-Rod hits his 700th HR some time next season.

I have to admit I was somewhat surprised that someone bought it for the $115 BIN price last night. Not that I didn’t think that the card was worth it, I just didn’t think I was really going to have much luck especially after I only got one offer in the 50 days it has been listed and that was someone wasting my time.