Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jason Crosby's Awesomeness

Yesterday the Kickstarter campaign for Topps upcoming Mars Attacks: Occupation ended not only topping their initial goal of $50,000 but actually topping all of their stretch goals, finally closing out at $198,002 in pledges.

The way that Topps went about it is pretty interesting, it gave them the ability to help fund a project through the collectors but additionally they were able to add on to the initial set through the stretch goals, some which are quite cool like Dinosaur Attack Vs Mars Attacks, metal cards, additional cards and (my favorite) adding Martian sand and T-Rex fossil dust in to the ink used for the woodcut cards.

While this is all interesting what I want to talk about today is the artist Jason Crosby. Crosby is still kind of new in the world of trading cards, though still quite accomplished in his short time, having done sketch cards for Breygent, Upper Deck and Topps over the last couple of years. He has now worked as a base card illustrator for Topps with the last two Star Wars Illustrated releases (New Hope & Empire Strikes Back) plus the two recent Mars Attacks releases Invasion and Occupation.

What I love about his work is that he is does a variety of styles and he likes to work a sports theme in to some of the cards. He did it with the recent Star Wars Illustrated: Empire Strikes Back sketch cards and Topps is giving him a complete subset in the Mars Attacks release. Here are the cards that he has posted so far but one of the stretch goals was to increase the size of the sports subset.


Last year he worked on a personal project when he put together a dual-autograph Freddy vs. Jason booklet card. I think this card is so awesome, I wish it would have been packed out.


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  1. Thanks for posting my work and glad you like it! I grew up a sports card collector and have most of the key cards from the mid-70s to mid-90s. College then came so my collection wanes.

    The MA sports card set was a passion of mine so I'm SOOOO happy I had the chance. I'd love to continue the series anytime Topps does another MA set. Please email them and let them know you'd like more gruesome Mars sports! ;)

    I recently posted the unreleased card #10 from the sports set on my Facebook page. Check it out when you have time! Find me under 'jasoncrosbyillustration'