Thursday, June 4, 2015

Eisenhower's Star

This is kind of a follow up to a post I did a couple of years ago. In September 2012 Panini released the 2012 Americana Heroes & Legends set and it was pretty much the standard Americana release with military leaders, Presidents and athletes. Some of the most popular pulls were the military related hits, which included Tuskegee Airman autographs and relics.

This was a set that Panini did a wonderful job from top to bottom and so diverse that it fit within everyone’s (who collected non-sports cards) interests and wants.

There is one card that grabbed my attention and while I knew I would not be able to afford it I still wanted to see how it would do. The Eisenhower Autograph-Relic card with one of his General stars. I had never seen one show up for auction, I had never even heard of someone pulling one for that fact until last month when someone posted on Blowout’s forum that he pulled #2/4, a card he has since put up on eBay.

It started at ¢1 but after 23 bids it is now up to $870 with nearly 3 days left in the auction. Since this is the first one to show up I would expect to see the current price triple and I don’t think I would be surprised to see it top $5,000 even.


  1. Every time I think about whether I should start a collection of a president or of the Presidents, cards like this remind me not to so as to avoid the costs involved.

    Of course, I'd love to have this card, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay the $1500+ that it will probably reach.

  2. What a great card. That will be big money.

  3. Wow..what a piece of memorabilia! That's all I can say about that.

    I collect Lincoln/Kennedy/LBJ but only sporadically and only base cards and campaign items. But one day I'm going to come up with an affordable LBJ sig.