Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Art Gallery: 2010 Sadlittles Damsels & Dinosaurs Sam Elliott Type Of Dude

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from the artist Lance Sawyer, who has worked with both major and minor card companies. He sketch cards have been included on checklists from Topps, Upper Deck, Sadlittles, Cult-Stuff and 5Finity.

This card is from the 2010 Sadlittles Damsels & Dinosaurs release, a set that is made up of damsels and dinosaurs (I know, unexpected twist). This card caught my attention because the guy reminds me of Sam Elliott, who is one bad ass dude (outside of his role on Parks & Rec) and he is chill even though a Tyrannosaurus Rex is standing behind him.

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