Thursday, August 25, 2016

There Is Salt In His G-A-M-E

In the soap opera that is the Chargers-Joey Bosa contract talk it appears that the Chargers are done, at least for now, and have pulled the last offer yesterday. According to the Chargers the contract offer from Tuesday night included:

-A signing bonus larger than any rookie from the past two NFL drafts

- More money in 2016 that every rookie in this year’s class except the Eagles Carson Wentz

- The largest payment and highest percentage of a signing bonus in the first year since the current NFL collective bargaining agreement went in to effect in 2011

One of the sticking points is that the Chargers are offering to pay 85% of the offered $17 million signing bonus this year ($14.5 million) with the remainder after March 2017. Additionally, Bosa wants “offset language” removed from the contract.

I have heard the term before but didn’t know what it means but now I do.

Following the 2011 CBA all First Round rookies get four year deals with a team option for a fifth year, with the player being notified of the team’s intent following the player’s third season. If the team picks up the fifth year option, the player’s contract is guaranteed for that final year. Now here is where the offset language goes in to effect. If the team releases the player during their fourth year, if there is offset language in the contract, they will pay the player only the remaining guaranteed money but if the player signs with a new team the original team is off the hook and the new team pays the player’s remaining salary.

If there is no offset language in the contract than if the player is released during the fourth year and signs with a new team than both the original team and the new team will pay the player, essentially the player gets paid twice.

If you are a Joey Bosa fan now is the time to pick up his cards, with no contract signing in sight he will not be on the field once the season starts so prices should be low.

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  1. As if I needed yet another reason to be done with the Chargers. Lame situation all around.