Friday, August 12, 2016

The List Is Complete For Bader Nation

The other day when I had posted about some recent Ryan Bader pickups I brought up that I did not have a complete checklist of all of his cards. I suspected 300-400 total cards in his checklist. The last couple of days while I had free time I started to comb Topps checklists, Beckett, COMC, The Cardboard Connection, The Trading Card Database and Zistle and put together what I believe to be that complete Ryan Bader checklist and posted it here.

I was incorrect about his total cards, through the most recent Topps UFC release, he appears in 20 total sets, has a total of 248 cards (including parallels but not including Topps Vault parallels) and 70 unique cards. I have 80 Ryan Bader cards so that puts me 1/3 of the way but I don’t ever expect to have all of his cards because there are a number of #1/1 cards but I will collect what I can get my hands on.

The checklist is accessible at the top of the page.

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