Friday, October 14, 2016

Help Support An Artist

Tonight I want to talk about a fellow artist who I have talked about before here, Mike James. A couple of years ago I had done an interview with him and he donated a John Wall sketch card so I could give it away on my blog.
Now he is working on his first independent set, something close to his heart, called “Welcome to the Show”. I did not know this but Mike was a sideshow performer for years and that is what the theme of his set is built upon. To reach his goal of releasing the set he has set up a campaign using Indiegogo to bring the set to reality.
I have backed the campaign (I did the two pack perk) and while I do not have a personal connection to Mike James I do love his work and completely support him on this endeavor and I am posting this in hopes that others feel the same way about supporting him.

If you are interested in supporting him take a look at his Indiegogo campaign page.

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