Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Art Gallery: 2010 Chicagoland Collector's Expo Batman

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from comic book artist Russell Lissau. The Batman sketch card is from the 10th Anniversary Chicagoland Expo in 2010 where Lissau was there as a guest artist.
Lissau has worked on a number comic books and is currently attached to the indie publisher Pop! Goes The Icon out of Las Vegas where he works on the Omega Comics Presents anthology and the new series Old Wounds. Some of his past work includes Batman Allies, Origins, Shrek and Strawberry Shortcake.
This card was created using a blank card, the info piece is a separate insert so the sketch card has a blank back. I love that Batman is in stealth mode where you only see his eyes instilling fear in to the criminal. The card was initially set at $4.95 but the seller dropped it to $0.99 and I jumped on the opportunity. The seller also had a very cool Al Capone sketch card by Jay Shimko but someone outbid me in the last second by a stinking $0.25.

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