Monday, October 3, 2016

One Of My Most Original Cards

In the past I have discussed my affinity for Japanese culture and in some ways has affected what I collect as related to certain players or cards.
In November 2013 I won a 2013 World Stars Toreka 24k Gold Kogei Shadowbox Koji Uehara autograph card from a Beckett contest. The card came from Brothers Inc, a Japanese company that creates the World Stars sets which are some of the most unique cards available.
One thing they do has become quite common in certain products, purchasing cards on the secondary market and creating a new card. In this case they are purchasing Ogura Hyakunin Isshu poem cards which are used for a playing card game called Uta-garuta for their 2015 World Stars Toreka release.
Hopefully I have this information correct, if not I appreciate any help so I get things right. The Oguara Hyakunin Isshu is one hundred poems by one hundred people and was organized into a book in the 1200s. The poem cards are now used based on a card game called Karuta that was created in the 1700s, but I don’t believe that the actual game Uta-garuta was created until later and even now they still play the game and have a National Championship every year. When Nintendo was founded in 1889 they created similar cards but for a card game called Hanafuda.
As for this specific poem card I have no information about age because the back only says “Classic Japanese Card”. Looking closely at the card it looks to be hand colored, the bottom red border above the gold foil border is definitely water color and looking at the samurai’s right eye and right shoulder appear to be drips of red water color paint. The paper of the card is aged and has been played before with some areas looking like there is staining from oil, most likely from the skin so I assume it has been held before. I believe this card is most likely pre-war but I would love to actually have a time frame.


  1. That is a pretty interesting card. A neat addition to your collection.

  2. Oh man... I've seen cards from World Stars on eBay before and always thought they were some homemade fakes. I guess I'll actually bid on them in the future.

    P.S. Cool card.