Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cards With Bonus Packing Materials

Yesterday I received two cards that I had purchased on eBay from two different sellers. One was a Mick Foley card and the other was a Griffey card and it is just interesting how people package items. They both came in packaged securely but the Foley card was in a well-used padded mailer, inside the card was in a card saver with cardboard wrapped around it. The Griffey card came in a large padded envelope folded over for additional safety, inside there was a small padded mailer that was folded down. The card was inside a rigid top loader inside a small team bag. There were two more rigid top loaders around that team bag and this was all inside a larger team bag.

I paid $3 shipping on the Foley card and $2.50 for the Griffey card but the guy who sent me the Griffey card also gave me a size 0 padded mailer, three rigid top loaders and two different size team bags. The guy basically sent me additional brand new packing materials in addition to the card.


  1. I actually don't mind either method. The one that confounds me is when I buy a baseball card and then the seller uses hockey/football/basketball cards instead of cardboard to provide extra shipping security. I suppose I should be excited about free cards, but I don't have space for other sports in my collection and it always leaves me wondering to do with the extra cards. I know, I know, first world problems.

    1. I fell the same way when I receive extra cards, I appreciate that the seller is sending additional cards but they are usually fire kindling type of cards. They get set aside to toss in on a trade as filler to someone who actually collects that team or that sport.

  2. Hope you left that vendor positive feedback. Buy one card... get free supplies. Not too bad of a deal.