Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Is Winning A Genetic Gene?

I started thinking about father and sons who have played professional sports and how they compared to each other. I think that it is almost always more difficult for the son because they will be compared to their father until they over take their father, anything less and they are a failure.

There is the question of success too, is winning a team championship equal to winning individual awards and does a Hall of Fame career trump everything else? 

If you were to pick a dominant family for each sport which would you pick? Here are mine:

Ken Griffey Sr. & Ken Griffey Jr.

Jellybean Bryant & Kobe Bryant (OK, no comparison but I wanted to write jellybean)
I would actually go with the Barry family for basketball

Archie Manning & Peyton and Eli Manning (Based solely on Peyton and Eli's success)

Bobby Hull & Brett Hull

Dale Earnhardt Sr. & Dale Earnhardt Jr. but just slightly over the Lee family


  1. Hey, Archie Manning was a very good quarterback who never got the chance to play for a good team.

  2. Being from the Bay Area though... I'd give Barry and Bobby the slight edge over the Griffeys... but honestly it's pretty much a coin flip. All four of them had stellar careers. I'll also be a homer and choose Steph and Dell as my NBA guys. Can't really argue with the rest of your picks.

  3. How about Ray, Bob, Aaron, and Bret Boone? Apparently Bret's son just got drafted too, though in a very late round.