Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Question Day- Storage? Plus A Fire Update

 Today is question day:

How do you store your cards?

I store most of my cards in four 5,000-ct boxes with a baseball box, football box, “other” box and Griffey box. I have my other PCs (Jay Buhner, Steve Largent and Ryan Bader) in a 3,000-ct box along with some other special cards. I have 3 binders that hold special cards or cards with some value with a baseball/basketball binder, football/other sports binder and non-sports binder. I have about 50 cards on display and my supplies are in a small dresser drawer next to my computer.


As of 11:00 am this morning the Goodwin Fire is 27,541 acres burned but is now 75% contained and the Forestry Service is estimating full containment by July 13th. About half of the evacuated towns have been allowed to return and there has been some disruption of power to those towns but the power company is working to get those sections back up and running. Miraculously there has been no loss of life.

I have been through natural disasters before but this one caused me major anxiety. I am glad that I prepared for an evacuation and not need those supplies than not prepare and need the supplies. I have put away all those things because we are no longer in the path of the fire and I was finally able to sleep the last two nights. Smoke is still around and in the morning the smell of burning wood is pretty heavy but it isn't as bad as it was and last night when the moon was rising it looked red through the smoke, kind of neat.

I want to thank everyone for their words of support.

Here are some photos from a state wide news website (AZ Central), I did not take any of these, of the Goodwin fire.


  1. Glad you're okay, but that's a shame about the area.
    I store my cards in binders, 5000 count boxes and I have some on display. I go the binder route when I can, but it takes up so much more space, which is at a premium.

  2. I don't know how to begin on how I store mine lol. It would take a blog post

    Glad to hear you're still doing good

  3. I live in prime hurricane territory and have had some anxious times but I can't imagine having to worry about a fire so huge and so close. Glad to hear you are not in danger anymore.

    As for your question. For years I was all binders. I had several large bookcases of them. But that was before family became a priority and I gave up my hobby room to make way for nurseries and them kids bedrooms. My cards went into boxes (and lots of junk wax went to the dump!). I've
    reclaimed one of the rooms as a hobby room as all my offspring are out on their own but I haven't gone back to the binders totally. I have a couple dozen with various sets and collections but mostly my cards are still stored in boxes stacked in a closet.

  4. Very glad to hear you're safe and were finally able to get a good night's rest. As for your collection... I utilize a bit of everything. Binders. 5000ct. boxes. Monster boxes. It's pretty crazy. Plus I have cards at my place, my parent's place, and in my buddy's garage. Sometimes I don't even know where stuff is. Like I said it's crazy. I eventually need to organize and dump a lot of excess stuff.

  5. Wildfires are certainly a problem out West. Living in Colorado, they certainly pop up pretty frequently.

    I have quite a few binders, usually 1-2 for each year's assorted singles and packs. Complete sets go in their factory boxes (or similar). And everything else, usually what I acquire via hobby box, goes in 3500-count boxes. They fit on my shelves better than 5000-count ones.