Monday, August 13, 2012

2011 Upper Deck Exquisite Football

Upper Deck Exquisite Football is back after a couple of years and Upper Deck brought it on strong. This product is loaded with cards that will bring about plenty of descriptions involving the term “Mojo!” (This word has been used so often in the hobby that it has become a joke). With 7-card packs running $600 this product is definitely geared towards the collectors with “disposable” income when it goes live in about a week.

The box break will include:
1 Numbered Rookie Autograph Patch
1 Numbered UD Black or UD Black Rookie Lustrous Signature
3 Additional Numbered Autographs

The base set consists of 126 cards, 60 regular cards, 30 Exquisite Rookie Signatures and 36 Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch cards. Some of the returning hits include UD Black Lustrous Rookie Signatures (#/75), UD Black Signatures, Rookie Book Marks (#/40), Ensemble 2 Signatures, Masterpieces (#/25 or less), Dimensions Autographs and Inscriptions (#/10 or less). New inserts are Signature Slots and Exquisite Twelve Signatures (1/1).  

On the downside, the jersey relics and patch cards are from jerseys that were worn by the players but they are not game-used. I was a bit surprised by that, with a product that costs as much as these jerseys should be game-worn and autographs should be on-card. They did at least get most of the autographs on-card. I can understand the Exquisite Twelve Signatures, it is difficult to get 12 people to all sign in a reasonable amount of time, but it does appear that most of the remaining cards were hard signed.

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  1. The 2012 pre-season has begun. This is not a 2011 issue. Anyone who buys "rookie" cards from this set has way too much money on their hands.