Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Couple More For My Nick Foles Collection

I picked up a couple of packs of Upper Deck football the other day and was quite happy to pull a Nick Foles Star Rookies. I am not a fan of the Eagles but I am cheering on Foles. He is actually sitting at the #2 QB position behind Vick right now so he will see some time through the pre-season and get some playing time during blowouts/mop up games.

The second card is from the 2012 SPx Football release, a Winning Combo dual-jersey card of University of Arizona’s Nick Foles and ASU’s Brock Osweiler. Normally I would never ever purchase anything connected to the Sun Devils, I did make an exception in this case based on the pure joy that Osweiler will be immortalized on a dual-jersey with Nick Foles, the same Nick Foles who ended Osweiler’s college career with another loss to Arizona and for a couple of bucks it is worth it.

There are four Winning relics insert sets and each has parallel versions.
The Winning Big Materials contain a single player jersey relic #/199, a patch relic version #/10 and an autographed version #/5.

The Winning Combos contain two player’s jersey relics and they are #/299 (base), #/25 (patch) and #/5 (autographed).

The Winning Trios contain three player's jersey relics and are numbered to #/99 (base), #/10 (patch) and #/3 (autographed.

The Winning Quads contain four player’s jersey relics and are numbered to #/75 (base) and #/5 (patch).

There is a downside to these cards, they are not game-used, and the back states “The jerseys were worn by the athletes for Upper Deck”. I guess this is at least better than Topps’ “This item is not connected to any specific athlete…” claim on the back of some of their relic cards.

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