Monday, August 27, 2012

Leave It To Upper Deck To Have Some Fun

There have been some interesting relics included in cards over the past decade like shoes, hats, gloves and even a corked bat (Thank you Pacific, you may be gone but we will always love you) but now we can include a flpppy disc in that checklist. Upper Deck inserted a Steve Wozniak relic and dual-relic cards in the Goodwin Champions release that includes pieces from floppy discs. There are both red and black discs with some of the dual-relic cards containing one of each color. The dual-relic cards do not appeal to me, I prefer the vertical style that is used on the base card and single relic cards.

Surprisingly most of the single relic cards can be picked up for a couple of bucks with the dual-relic cards hitting the $15-20 range. If Upper Deck were to have included Steve Jobs version I would bet the price would be sky high right now instead of a few dollars. I know this is kind of a gimmick but no worse than Topps and the Gypsy Queen's jewel relics and Gypsy King's bat relics.

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