Monday, August 20, 2012

Early Preview: 2012 Topps Magic Football

Topps Magic Football is back and set for a January 9th release. Once again Topps is changing things up a bit for the fourth time in four years. Topps has decided to return to the 2010 model. Last year they went to a 110-card set that was made up entirely of rookies, boxes were sold in blaster-box style (11 cards for $19.99) and they were only available through Topps’ online store. They will return to a model that is more collector friendly, sold through LCS/Hobby and retail outlets in standard pack out in 24-pack boxes. Gone also are the bright and fluorescent colors from last years design.

The set will contain 220 cards plus 55 short prints. Each base card will have a mini parallel (1 per pack), there will also be black-bordered parallels (1 per Hobby box), autograph parallels and relic parallels.
RG3 Mini
Autographs, which are seeded 3 per Hobby box, will be made up of base autographs, dual autographs (#/25), triple autographs (#/25), 6 Signatures (#/5), 1948 Magic Autographs (#/5), mini base autographs (#/10) and mini autograph booklets (#/5).
Luck Black Bordered Autograph parallel

RG3 1948 Magic Autograph

Mini Auto Booklet

Relics, which are not part of the guaranteed 3 hits but considered an additional very limited bonus,  will be made up of Magic Relics (#/25), Rookie Patches (1/1) and Gridiron Coins (#/10) and Historical Coins (#/25). The Gridiron Coins will contain images of NFL veterans or rookies with the Historical Coins containing historical figures.

Basic inserts will include: All insert ratios are based on Hobby packs.

Magical Moments: Milestones and career moments from the 2011 season (1-in-8 packs)
Supernatural Stars: Up to 40 of the NFL’s top veterans (1:4 packs)
Rookie Enchantment: Top rookies of 2012 class
Charismatic Combos: Best quarterbacks and wide receivers in football (1:12 packs)
48 Magic: Veterans and rookies on ’48 design (1:12 packs)

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  1. I hated what they did last year so this is welcomed news indeed!