Friday, April 27, 2018

2018 Topps Star Wars Archives Signature Series, Does It Interest You?

Topps announced a couple of Star Wars releases this year; including Finest, Galaxy and a buyback product. I am looking forward to the Star Wars Finest release in October, I just love the original Finest set from 1996.

The first product of coming out will be the buyback set, 2018 Topps Star Wars Archives Signature Series. It is a 1 card per box product and is pre-selling for around $60 from dealers. The set is built with buybacks that Topps had the actors sign and they are serial numbered and while no autograph list has been announced, Topps has said the actors signing will include all three trilogies, animated shows and spin-off films.

The price isn’t too bad when you consider some of the similar products Topps has released as online exclusives but the checklist is going to make or break the product.


  1. Not really...I really, truly hate the Disney era movies. If I could be guaranteed NOT to get them, I would be.

  2. It's a cool idea, but it's too expensive. Star Wars autograph checklists just have too much filler. They are fun to buy as cheap singles on eBay, but not at $60 a pop with a tiny chance of pulling a big name.

  3. I'd never bust boxes of Archives Signatures, but I do enjoy snatching singles at affordable prices. As for Finest... I'm excited to see what this stuff looks like. I've got two unopened boxes of the 1996 stuff that I was thinking about opening. However they sell for pretty good money on eBay. I might just list them.