Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Question Day- Sketch Cards?

Today is question day:

Sketch card collectors, do you collect only official releases or do you include ACEO (Art cards editions and originals)/PSC (Personal sketch card)/Commissioned Cards in your collection?

My sketch card collection has now hit 100 cards, not counting my own sketch cards, and I have a nice variety. Most of my cards come from official releases with Night of the Living Dead leading the way (12 total sketch cards) but I have 11 ACEO/PSC sketch cards and 4 that were done at various conventions. In my eyes, if a sketch looks good and fits in my collection I am happy to add it no matter where it came from because they all go in to the same binder.


  1. I have both...some bought directly from the artist in person, some I pulled from packs myself.

  2. I have both as well (all Batman and Mars Attacks btw). All the Mars Attacks were 'official' pack/set pulls from Occupation, The Revenge, etc. The Batman sketches are all over the map. I have a few done by an artist friend, most are ACEO and a handful are official.

  3. I only have two sketch cards in my collection - an awesome Cleveland Brownie, and a Superman. Both are by the same artist, and he rocks!

    Thanks, Corky!

  4. When I first got back into collecting, I was all about licensed sketch cards. Then I realized that I was locking myself out of a lot of good artwork by going that route. I still prefer them, but I will happily add ACEO/PSC to my collection if I like the art. I have also started commissioning larger pieces with more frequency.

  5. I'll collect any sketch cards I can get my hands on. Most of them are of the pack pulled variety. However, I did commission an artist to sketch Vader's bounty hunters. My favorite sketch would be the Kurt Suzuki that The Lost Collector drew for me a few years ago based on the old UD Masterpiece cards.