Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Care Packages Part Two

I decided to split off the rest of the Mariners cards because there are so many I want to highlight and even this list is cut down from the original 15 card that I had pulled out to post about.

2001 Stadium Club Rickey Henderson (Rickey in a Mariners uni is always a win)
2009 Topps Heritage Ichiro

2012 Bowman Platinum Ruby Hisashi Iwakuma (I love this card)
2016 Topps Walmart/Marketside Robinson Cano
2017 Topps Holiday Robinson Cano
2017 Topps Chrome Reverse Negative Kyle Seager

This was a fun one that Jon included in his package. A 1992 Topps Mike Jackson with a message from Mike himself telling me to turn over his card. Sure Mike, I’ll oblige.
Flip the card… it’s a 1992 Topps Blank Back woohoo!

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