Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday Question Day- Rainbow Collection?

Today is question day:

Do you consider your rainbow complete without variations, printing plates or low numbered cards (#/5, #/3 or 1/1)?

I think that collecting parallels for a card has become so difficult with everyone fighting over the low serial numbered cards. I am only working on two rainbows and they are the 2013 Topps Chrome Marshawn Lynch and the 2015 Topps Chrome Richard Sherman. I went in to it with the intention that I would not be hunting the Superfractor or the printing plates and when I find the final parallels that I am missing I will be satisfied and call them complete.


  1. I would think it's personal preference. But I would say anything numbered under 10 is not required.

  2. I consider it complete only if the low numbered cards are present. I won't attempt a rainbow unless I pull the 1/1, and for sets with printing plates, I don't really consider it possible to complete.

    That reminds me, I need to work on the one for the last 1/1 I pulled, time to check COMC.

  3. I guess my answer is not very helpful. As much as I realize that it would be virtually impossible to complete the rainbow with all the 1/1s out there, and so I don't think they are necessary to call it complete, I would still wind up keeping an eye out for them.

    As for low numbers, I would still probably attempt the /10 cards, but don't feel that I need to count cards numbered lower than that.

  4. I let my budget dictate when the rainbow is complete. If I can snag a printing plate or serial numbered card under 10, then I'll do so, but I'm not going to break the bank.
    My goal is typically to get 9 variations of the card, because they look so great in a binder page.

  5. I've only tried to build a handful of rainbows... and quit trying each time when it got down to the low #'d cards. I just couldn't justify dropping big $$$ on Kurt Suzuki and Owen Nolan. However if I did... I'd consider my rainbow complete if I was able to acquire all of the cards outside of the 1/1's and printing plates. But that's just my personal rules.