Friday, April 20, 2018

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1910 T51 Murad College Series Buchtel Football

This month’s VCoM comes from packs of Murad Cigarettes and is cataloged as 1910 T51 Murad College Series. The set was made up of sports and sporting events so there is quite a variety of colleges and activities.

This is my second T51 Murad card and I selected it because it is football, the other card being baseball. Because it is a popular sport it runs a bit more than cards like tennis and skeet shooting but it wasn’t too bad because it Buchtel University, which is still around but is now known as University of Akron.

Some of the cards around this era faded or chipped away so even though this card is worn it still holds the color of the illustration even down to the detail of the school’s emblem. The back has held the ink too, but there are scuffs and creases, but they don’t deter from the appearance.


  1. love 'em. nice, very attractive, and affordable

  2. 118 year old cardboard never looked so good. Just recently added the second vintage Murad to my collection.