Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hop To It

April is National Frog Month, I bet you didn’t know that, nor did I until Microsoft Bing reminded me. Thank you, Bing, for your eternal vigilance. While doing a post everyday about frogs might be have been interesting to research, it wouldn’t be too fun to read. Instead I decided to do a single post mid-month and include all types of frog related cards from around the world.  


  1. How bizarre and yet awesome as well. I think the only frogs in my collection are Kermit...I have the complete 1993 Cardz Muppets set.

  2. I'm a huge Muppets fan, so Kermit caught my attention very quickly. Thanks for letting us know about National Frog Month.

  3. Don't recognize any of these... although the Kermits and that Throg are cool. Makes me wonder if I have any frogs sitting in my collection. I'd say there's a 25% chance.