Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When 10,000 Isn't Really 10,000

Yesterday’s Chicago White Sox-Tampa Bay Rays game had an announced attendance of 10,069 people yet some believe that may be a bit outside on that number (sarcasm). The Tampa Bay Times estimated the real number was 974 people. The photos below were taken during the game, so unless there were 9,000 people in the bathroom I am more apt to believe the Tampa Bay Times.

I know that teams base their “attendance” on actual ticket sales but also tickets that were given away, no-shows, sponsor packages and friends and families in to that attendance number even if they weren’t actually in the stadium.


  1. That's just a shame. When the city loses the ball club and they will, they won't get another. Maybe they'll move (the team) to Ocala. Payback is well you know. I can dream right.

  2. We're not leaving. Sox fans expect a winner. The ballpark is a great place to go, and lots of fun can be had. But we were playing the Rays, early in the season, cold weather day, school still in session.

    Give us a break.

  3. When I went to the A's game last week... ESPN (or maybe MLB) stated there were 10K fans in attendance. My buddy and I estimated that there were less than 5k. I had never seen the Oakland Coliseum like that. We kept on thinking what the Rangers players must have been thinking when they took the field.

    Then again... I don't think it was as empty as US Cellular Field on Tuesday.