Monday, January 23, 2017

AI, Durant And Warren

My recent COMC order included a large portion of Ken Griffey Jr but I always like to pick up some of the cards off of my personal want list. Usually these are cards that I have on my list that are essentially Gray Whales that I don’t consider unless they are on sale. Here are some of the cards that I had shipped following COMC’s Black Friday sale.

I wouldn’t say that Allen Iverson is one of my player collections but I do seem drawn to his cards. He was arrogant and lets not even touch on his feelings about practice but he is probably one of the most prominent guards of his generation and possibly an all-time Top 10 shooting guard. When it comes to basketball, I have pulled AI hits more than any other player so I kind of became a mini-pc collector by default.

These cards are from the 2012-13 & 2013-14 Panini Crusade releases. They both are from the Crusade Blue checklist.

This card is from the 2014-15 Court Kings release, specifically the Rookie Royalty insert. As I have said before I refuse to collect any player wearing the jersey of the team stolen from Seattle but I do have a couple of cards of Durant in a Sonics jersey and this card is now the top of Supersonics collection. Oddly this card rarely shows up but when it showed up for sale on COMC for a couple of bucks I grabbed it up quickly.

I added a couple of 1996 Pacific Chris Warren Litho Cel cards. These cards were an interesting idea originally coming out as promotional cards, these are the ones listed as Cel-000, and then later as part of the regular Pacific Litho set. When you line up the four levels (Bronze, Silver and two cels) you are supposed to see a color image of the player. I picked up two promo cards and one cyan cel insert card. I will eventually pick up the other cards to put together the image but it isn’t a rush and when I paid about $1 for all three I was happy.

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