Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Faker Fakes Fake Autographs

EDIT- I have found two more accounts: Here and Here

I was doing some Star Wars searches on eBay and came across a new listing Carrie Fisher autograph card from Russia with a $1 starting price and was surprised. I added it to my Watch List planning on comparing the signature to one of her certified signatures. I finally had the chance and it is faker than fake took a look so I took a look at the seller’s other items wondering what else they had and every single one of the autograph cards was clearly counterfeit. Some were close but most were nowhere near what the signature should look like.
There was a third account that was selling the exact same type of items and was also from Moscow but eBay cancelled all of their sales and banned the account. Two of the accounts were opened in 2011, one of them was the banned account, and the third in 2016. To add to the humor is that one of the Carrie Fisher autographs (Topps Star Wars Attax pictured above) from the banned account just showed up on one of the other accounts. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Carrie Fisher never signed a Russian Topps Star Wars Attax card let alone two and they just happen to both show up for sale within a week of each other.

Here are the two sellers: Seller #1 and Seller #2

Take a look at the items, they are all signed by black marker on the bottom left side. When I started watching the accounts about 10 days ago all three accounts were selling similar cards too; Star Wars, Twilight, George Bush and Anime. I did report both of these accounts. I am bummed that at least 33 people bought these items and even left positive feedback, some people just want to blindly accept autographs as real.

Would you like a Jordan autograph for a couple bucks? Each account has one.
Hopefully I wont get any shit for this one, but I think I found the person signing the cards LOL


  1. It's crazy how many people buy non-COA autos. I've seen a ton of bad ones too.

  2. Who would buy anything from a Russian eBay account?

    I'll leave the joke for someone else to write.

  3. Wow - talk about obvious. As the old saying goes, if a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. It's a shame how many people don't do any sort of research.

  4. How dare you question our Russian friends. This blog is rigged. ;)

  5. Makes me sick knowing that there are people out there making money off of people selling fake signatures. I hope these people eventually find themselves in Siberia.