Monday, January 16, 2017

The Raiders Are Heading To Vegas

On Saturday the Raiders confirmed that they intend on filing relocation papers to move to Las Vegas though an official announcement has not been made but is expected before too long.
I know that a uniform change/rebrand probably won’t happen, and I seriously hope they don’t change their logo or colors, because of the history that the Raiders hold but I decided to mess around with some mockups of what might become of the Raiders helmets. I really hope that they keep the silver and black color scheme but this is a What If? situation so of course I have to play the devil’s advocate.

When you look at the Las Vegas area you will notice the use of certain colors, between the casinos and Las Vegas’ various teams from their past and present.

University of Las Vegas: Scarlett and gray

Las Vegas Locomotives (UFL): Red, black and silver

Las Vegas Wranglers (ECHL) Red, black and silver

Las Vegas 51s (Triple-A Mets team): Blue and gray
You get the idea, so I worked with red and gray/silver plus there are various gradients so I tossed that in on one of the helmets.


With the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL expansion team finalizing their name and logo I played off of their colors so the professional teams match. They have them listed as steel gray, gold, red and black. I pulled this logo from their official Golden Knights web site.


  1. Not a Raiders fan by any means... but if this relocation goes through... I think it's a shame for all of those diehard Oakland fans who had to live through the move down to LA back in the 80's. It's like ripping off an old scab and bleeding out all over again.

  2. Everyone says the NFL is so healthy and that there may expansion to Europe or Mexico down the road. Yet, there's been quite a bit of movement in recent years among the franchises. Couple the transience of teams with all the concussion panicking and it really makes me question, "How stable is the NFL right now?"
    I know the NFL isn't going away, but this might be the biggest rough patch it has gone through since the two strikes back in the 1980s. All of that said, the money is still flowing in faster than the owners and players can count it. Crazy.

  3. I'm not wild about the Knights logo. I do like your second redder version.