Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why I Don't Like To Prospect But Do It Anyway

I have never really been someone to hunt down prospects, I just seem to make bad decisions and end up with cards that no longer fit in my collection. I was picking up Dustin Ackley cards but then his numbers dipped and I was even fine with that because his card prices dropped too but then he was traded to the Yankees and I was done with Ackley. Not long after that I started picking up Taijuan Walker and Alex Jackson cards but on November 23rd Walker was traded to the D-Backs and five days later Jackson was traded to the Braves.

What made it worse is that I had both Walker and Jackson cards in my COMC account so it was a painful reminder when I got my order in December. At least Walker made it to the Mariners where he went a “meh” 22-22 with a 4.18 ERA. Jackson toiled away in the minors not breaking the A level and even though he was a Top 20 prospect for the Mariners he was still years away from making the parent team.

So here is what I got that are just going to be packed away with my ex-Mariners collection, luckily they did not cost too much:

2014 Bowman Sterling Japan-Fractor Taijuan Walker

A couple of early Alex Jackson cards
2013 Leaf Showcase Metal Perfect Game Stars
2014 Bowman Draft Picks Asia Black Exclusive
2015 Bowman’s Best High Definition
These cards are thick and use an amazingly beautiful image that looks wonderful in-hand
2015 Bowman Draft Asia Exclusive” Black Wave, Red & Black and Black Refractor
Will I continue to chase Mariners’ prospects? Most likely

Will I get burned again? Yes of course

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  1. I hear ya. I don't do it to cash in - I just like following guys in the minors and having their cards. I also like it for TTM purposes.