Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Family Guy Star Wars Cards Trilogy Is Complete

Over a year ago I had picked up a promo pack from the Family Guy Blue Harvest DVD release, a 12-card set that included scenes from the movie and the back of the cards made a 3D puzzle. These packs were only released in European DVD sets but are pretty easy to find and they come in English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Just like the Family Guy Blue Harvest Special Edition DVD set FOX also released collector editions of the other Family Guy Star Wars spoofs; Something, Something, Something Dark Side and It’s A Trap. These collector editions also included a pack of cards as well as T-Shirts and booklets and also like the Blue Harvest set they were only released in specific locations, Europe and Australia. The Something, Something, Something Dark Side and It’s A Trap collector edition packs were near impossible to find. I found a single pack last year and it sold for an insane amount and I was deterred.

That was until last May when I found a UK release Something, Something, Something Dark Side Collector’s Edition sealed DVD pack that included the cards. Believe it or not but I paid less than the DVD pack originally cost in stores and that includes shipping from England. Now reinvigorated with my find I went on the search for the collector edition of It’s A Trap and after a couple of days of searching I was able to find a reseller selling an open It’s A Trap Collector’s Edition DVD pack on Amazon.uk but the seller specifically stated the cards were included. Again I paid a realistic price to have it shipped from England.
Here are the cards from the Something, Something, Something Dark Side set and the back puzzle.

My nearly 18-month journey of collecting the set is over now that I have all three set and while I did end up buying two Region 2 DVDs that I cannot play on my DVD player (I actually already have the three movies) I did finally complete the set so it was worth it to me.
Here are the It's A Trap 9-card set with back puzzle.


  1. These... are... AWESOME! I had no idea that they made cards out of these specials. Good to know that these are out there.

  2. That's dedication. I recently found a pack of the blue borders I didn't even know I had. They were in the blu-ray box.

  3. Man these are awesome! Never seen them before. Looks like I need to track these down to go along with my 2008 Inkworks Family Guy: A New Hope cards.

  4. I collected the Family Guy autos. For the life of me I have no idea where I put them. They are the one item I couldn't find after I bought my house.

    Love the set man.