Monday, January 2, 2017

The Wrong Kind Of Record

In 2006 Reggie Bush was selected #2 overall by the New Orleans Saints and in his first season he wasn’t stupendous but he did put up over 1,300 total yards. He never showed the talent that was expected of him coming out of USC but he did put up three decent seasons in 2011-2013 when he was topping 1,200 total yards each season but after 10 seasons in the NFL it is time for him to retire, especially after the record he set this season.
For the first time a running back with 10 or more rushes finished the season with negative yards. He had 12 rushes for -3 yards. His longest rush of the season was 5 yards and he had one rushing touchdown. Will Bush's negative rushing go down in NFL history like Mario Mendoza has done for baseball?

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  1. Oh man... that's a shame. With the Bills' playoff hopes gone, he should have offered the interim coach a car or something to give him the ball on Sunday so he could avoid this record. On the other hand, I paid top dollar for a Mendoza autograph. Maybe there are foolish collectors like myself who will drive up the price on Bush signatures.