Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Upper Deck Is Making Their Clerks Set Happen

In 1993 Kevin Smith filmed Clerks for just over $27k, when it was released by Miramax in 1994 it was only shown on 50 screens nationwide but it went on to gross $3.2 million. This simple black and white film became a cult classic and placed Kevin Smith on the map.

While Smith has produced, directed, wrote and appeared in many films and television shows Clerks seems to always stand out because it was the beginning of the View Askinewniverse and the beginning of Jay and Silent Bob so when it was announced in 2015 that Upper Deck planned on releasing a set based on Clerks in 2016 many fans rejoiced. At the 2015 Comic Con Upper Deck handed out a Skybox Clerks promo card and had a signing with Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Brian O’Halloran. I have yet to find any of these cards, signed or not, which sucks.

Since the 2015 Comic Con announcement there was nothing and I had actually wondered if the set had been cancelled, with Upper Deck they usually keep upcoming release information close to the chest. Late last year Marilyn Ghigliotti (She played Veronica) posted on Twitter pictures of her signing cards from the set so that was good news but still nothing was officially announced until last week when Beckett confirmed that the set will be released this year and will run around $75-$100 a box and will include 2 autographs and a manufactured patch, additionally there will be sketch cards that will be case hits. Still no release date but this is a good start. 

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  1. Wow is that Brian's girlfriend? Don't think I would have recognized her if she was walking past me on the street.

    Anyways... I love this movie. Might need to pick up a box when it gets released.