Thursday, March 28, 2013

2012 Turkey Red Football

It is now official, 2012 Topps Turkey Red Football will go live on April 3rd through the Topps Online Store and the boxes will begin shipping on April 10th. The boxes will run $24.99 and will include nine base cards, one mini card and an autograph.
The base set contains a 100-card checklist made up entirely of rookies from the 2012 season, the mini cards have the same checklist. The autograph checklist is made up of 57 players and the cards are the exact same as the player’s base card but with an autograph sticker affixed to the front, there will be red parallels of each autograph card #/10 each.
The recent baseball version sold out almost immediately and I would expect a similar sell out with football. Baseball was limited to 500 sets printed and while exact numbers have been announced for football, Topps is saying that this will be a limited release.

The left card is the mini version but the regular base card will look almost the exact same.

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