Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recent eBay Pickup: 2013 Topps Spring Fever Baseball

I do not have a local sports card shop within a reasonable drive so I was out of luck when the Topps Spring Fever packs were available so I turned to eBay. The Griffey card was my main target so I kept an eye on the auctions and most were ending for a couple of bucks a piece so when I came across a complete set for $9.95 that was ending within minutes and no bids I jumped on it. Toss in a couple of dollars for shipping and I got the complete set for under $15 shipped. What is sad is that within 1 hour of winning the auction two other sets that I was watching ended with a flurry of bids, ending at $19.95 and $20.43 plus shipping.
I love this set, the holographic foil face is pretty cool, even the “Spring Fever” logo works really well. The checklist is awesome, where else can you get such a group of players that range from prospects to old school players to HOFers? I am still looking to score a Raul Ibanez autograph soon.

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