Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newest eBay Pickup: A Leaf Valiant Nick Foles Autograph

I have finally added a Nick Foles Leaf Valiant auto to my personal collection. This a two-for-one for me, one of my favorite University of Arizona players currently in the NFL and an awesome Leaf Valiant design and at a bit over $9 shipped I can not complain.
What sucks is that I do not like the Eagles; my father is a life-long Giants fan, so I am not too interested in purchasing any of his Eagles cards. Instead I am hunting down his U of A cards from Leaf and Upper Deck. Both companies have done an amazing job, all of his Leaf autos are on-card and Upper Deck included him in the Fleer Retro release so there are quite a few autograph options available. Also if you haven’t had a chance to check out Upper Deck’s SP Authentic Rookie Auto-Patch cards or the SP Authentic Rookie Threads cards you should take a look, they are amazing and next on my "To get" list.

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