Friday, April 29, 2016

Better Decisions To Be Made

It was announced this morning that Miami Marlins Dee Gordon, the reigning NL batting champion, was suspended 80 games following a positive test for testosterone and clostebol. Gordon has responded like every other athlete that has been nabbed on ped tests with the standard "I don't know how this could have happened".

Gordon hasn't been a player that was highly collected but like Ryan Braun his card prices are now going to take a hit. Hopefully he takes this time, which he has accepted his punishment, to reconsider his choices.

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  1. I think the penalties for first time offenders are going to go up next time collective bargaining goes through. Some big names like Kershaw and Scherzer have came out and said they want stiffer penalties. Besides the character issues this really doesn't hurt Gordon financially. He signed a big extension so other than the suspension time his contract is guaranteed.